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We are keeping these promises to our customers and find the best solution for your needs concerning laser marking and engraving. The perfect service starts before you buy and highest customer satisfaction is our aim. Whatever you need: We offer consulting, application consulting, tech support, spare parts service and on-site training. To cut a long story short:
MLS finds the perfect solution. Straightforwardly. Personally. And Quickly.




MLS Laser Marking & Engraving is your sales and service partner for laser systems of the company FOBA. FOBA together with its partners form a global network of distributors and service partners. MLS is the exclusive partner of FOBA in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. In this position MLS offers profound knowledge of laser marking & engraving in an easy-to-understand manner as well as proven FOBA quality.


Our objective is to ensure that good advice is simply part of our free customer service. This advice goes beyond selection and customer-specific system configuration, right through to training and technical customer service. MLS has a solution-oriented approach and puts emphasis on a reliable, longterm partnership that covers all topics. Customer contact is handled quickly, easily and on a level playing field. We are always available.


Not every laser type can be used for marking or engraving every material. Therefore specific marking, engraving and material tests are required to determine which systems are appropriate. In order to find the ideal solution for the respective application, we carry out detailed sample markings on delivered materials and parts, recommend the most suitable laser type and specifications for the laser system or machine in question. MLS also consults you after successful installation.


Are you looking for a competent contact person for repairs and spare parts service? Then you are exactly in the right place with MLS. Of course we also install, maintain and inspect your systems and machines on demand, or repair and exchange system components. All this taken together guarantees the smooth operation of your laser permanently and preventively and reduces downtimes.


We help you to determine which spare part is required. Thanks to the warehousing at locations around the world, the products from our extensive spare parts assortment are available quickly.

Tailored to particular needs, absolutely practice-oriented, on-site at our customers’. We teach our customers how to handle their systems, by using the appropriate laser systems, marking workstations and engraving machines - at our office or directly on site at our customers‘.