Point & Shoot™


Point & Shoot: Here the marking contents are manually positioned on the products to be marked. Through a lens, the Point & Shoot camera views on the marking field, creates an image of the component and displays it in the user interface. Via ´drag & drop´ the user positions and creates the marking at the exact position on the product where it is supposed to be applied. The result: reduction in the number of defective products, more economic efficiency and increased productivity.






Production of high-value work pieces and single parts, e.g. in the watches and jewelry industry


Point & Shoot™

  • WYSIWYG camera system for manual optical positioning of marking contents on a screen image of a to be processed part 
  • Through-the-lens imaging process 


Controlling of marking/processing

  • Verify function for visual control prior to and after processing
Pre-verification of marking and marking position
    • Expensive product fixtures are not used
    • No time-consuming trial and error processes
    • Validation of the final mark with regard to the presence of all the information that was to be applied