Laser Workstation M1000


The manual laser workstation FOBA M1000 has been designed for the high-quality laser marking of small parts, medium sized components and work pieces and batches. Small metallic and plastic components but also batches can be processed both economically and in high marking quality.


Equipped with a programmable Z axis, a small worktable and a smoothly opening lift door that makes the interior space accessible from three side. Various fiber laser markers are available for integration.





Automobile and autoparts industry, tool and mold construction, machinery construction, medical technology, plastic processing industries, laser contract production (promotional items)



    • Table-top laser workstation with programmable Z-axis


Available laser systems

Fiber laser markers
    • Y.0100-fc, Y.0200-fc, Y.0300-fc, Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300



Work space
    • 450 x 250 mm
Max. work piece weight
    • Up to 25 kg 
Max. work piece size
    • 450 x 250 x 200 mm (B x T x H)
Lift door
    • Manual opening, max. doorway 430 mm
User interfaces
    • Laser marking software FOBA MarkUS  (on separate, external, optional Win 7 PC or Win XP PC)
    • Ethernet interface
    • Operation via a laptop / all-in-one PC / remote PC
    • Programmable Z-axis
    • Travel 298 mm
    • Travel speed up to 20 mm/s
    • 600 x 702 x 780 (1,210)* mm (W x D x H)
    • 0,45 m²
    • Housing** approx. 55 kg
    • Marking unit (laser) approx. 5 kg
    • Supply unit approx. 20 kg
Laser class
    • Laser class 1 (according to DIN EN 60825-1)
IP rating
    • Housing IP43, Supply unit IP21


Supply (depends on work space and laser system)

Electrical requirements
    • L/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
    • Depends on integrated laser system, above listed fiber lasers: 400 VA
    • 5 – 35 °C
    • 10 – 90 %, non-condensing


Scope of delivery

    • Laser workstation M1000 with integrated Z-axis
    • Configurable laser system
    • Laser marking software MarkUS


Options and accessories

    • Exhaust systems
    • Rotation axis


* Height with door fully opened 
** without laser and external installations