Intelligent Mark Positioning


Intelligent Mark Positioning: work pieces and their positions are automatically detected by the patented IMP high-speed camera system and the marking or engraving is accordingly aligned, ensuring precision and repeatability. The result is a measurable reduction in the number of defective products and consistently premium-quality markings.






Ideally suited for repeatable and automatic serial production, especially with regard to the space, automobile and electronics industries, the construction of tools, machines and metals and the medical technology sector.



  • WYSIWYG vision system for the precise position detection of parts/to-be-processed areas and automatic alignment of marking, engraving or finishing
  • Patented high-speed camera system (through-the-lens procedure)


Automatic verfication of marking/processing

  • IMP verification function for optical pre-processing and post-processing inspections.
Pre-verification of marking and marking position 
    • Expensive product fixtures are not used 
    • No time-consuming trial and error processes 
    • Discharge of already marked components from the processing flow 
    • Monitoring system that checks whether the markings/engravings are accurate vis-a-vis the postion/alignment
    • Verification of the final marking
    • Examination of whether all the information that was to be applied has been applied