Laser Marker C.0102/C.0302

CO2 marking lasers C.0102 and C.0302, 10W and 30W


C.0102 and C.0302 impress with their flexibility. This makes the C-Series lasers perfectly suited for laser marking applications in numerous industries. Print speeds up to 2,000 characters/sec. and line speeds up to 900 m/min. qualify the CO2 laser markers for both simple and complex code requirements on a wide range of materials.


C.0102 highlights all the performance features found in the C.0302, apart from a power source that is better matched for moderate line speed applications or those at rest. C.0302 is perfect for higher speed marking-on-the-fly applications or more challenging materials (e.g. many plastics).







Automobile industry; medical devices manufacturing; electronics; extrusion; plastics processing; packaging industry; food and beverage industry; various industrial direct part marking applications (serial marking, barcodes, 2D codes); markings while the object is stationary or in motion (MOTF – marking on the fly)


Marking features

Marking heads and focusing
    • 6 mm head with 5 focus lenses (f=64/95/127/191/245 mm)
    • 10/12/15 mm heads (optional) with various focus lenses (10/12 mm: f=63.5/85/100/150/200/300/351/400 mm, 15 mm: f=400/500/600 mm)
Marking fields (mm²)
    • Depends on marking head and focus lens
    • 6 mm head: from (AxB) 44.7 x 44.7 to 177.3 x 177.3
    • 10 mm head: from (AxB) 30.8 x 38.2 to 294.7 x 406.9
    • 12 mm head: from (AxB) 29.1 x 36.2 to 294.7 x 350.8
    • 15 mm head: from (AxB) 66.7 x 100.1 to 439.8 x 601.0



    • Sealed CO2 laser, power class 10/30-Watt, Wavelengths 9.3 µm, 10.2 µm and 10.6 µm
Laser class
    • 4 (as per IEC 60825-1)


User interfaces

Handheld controller
PC Software
    • FOBA Draw, MarkUS 2.12
Smart Graph Com
    • ActiveX interface
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP), optional RS232
    • Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
    • inputs/outputs for start/stop signals, machine/operator interlocks, alarm outputs; additional I/Os available



    • Machine safety: Optional safety module for Performance Level d (PL d) in accordance with EN 13849-1
    • Line integration: Direct integration via scripting interface
    • Beam delivery: 32 standard beam delivery options (beam extension unit/ turning unit)
    • Quick connect: Detachable umbilical for simple integration; available in 3 lengths



Electrical requirements
    • L/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
    • C.0102: max. 0.4 kW, C.0302: max. 0.7 kW
IP rating
    • Marking unit: IP54 (optional IP65)
    • Supply unit: IP54 (optional IP65)
    • Air-cooled
    • 5-40°C/ 10-90%, non-condensing
    • Marking unit C.0102 (IP54) ~13 kg
    • Marking unit C.0302 (IP54) ~19.1 kg
    • Supply unit (IP54) approx. ~11.5 kg
Applicable Certifications
    • CE, TÜV, NRTL/FCC; RoHS compliant