UV laser V.0020-uv


Filigree, high-contrast markings. Safety and integrity for sensitive and critical materials. The product’s surface is colored photochemically by V.0020-uv, even highly sensitive products and materials remain undamaged: from aircraft cables and translucent or colored tubes for various industries through medical plastics for invasive applications or flame-resistant plastics for electronic housings to glass.





Main fields of application

Automobile and aircraft construction, medical technology, electronics, extrusion; Marking of sensitive materials: glass, ceramics, flame-protected plastics, plastics and materials for invasive applications

Technical specifications

Marking features

Marking heads*
    • TS10 and SS7 with four focus lenses (f =103 mm/ 160 mm/ 214 mm/ 511 mm)
Marking fields*
    • From 64 x 76 mm 2 (TS10, f = 103 mm) to 375 x 375 mm 2 (TS10/ SS7, f = 511 mm)
Marking Speed*
    • Up to 5,000 mm/s, up to 500 characters/s 
Line width
    • From 10 µm (depends on focusing optic)



    • Pulsed Nd:YVO4 laser (Vanadat), diode-pumped, wavelength - 355 nm
Laser class
    • 4 (as per DIN EN 60825-1)


User interfaces

PC software
    • FOBA MarkUS or FOBA Draw (on separ- ate, external, optional Windows 7 PC)
    • Ethernet interface



Electrical requirements
    • L/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
    • Typically 400 W
IP rating
    • IP20 marking unit, IP21 supply unit
    • Air-cooled
    • 15 – 40 °C
    • 90 % (max. 20 °C), 30 % (max. 40 °C), non-condensing
    • Marking unit approx. 25 kg**, supply unit approx. 20 kg


Other options

Vision alignment system
    • Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) for the precise position detection of parts/to-be- processed areas and automatic align- ment of marking/engraving/finishing
Laser pointer
    • Red Laserpoint to adjust the marking
    • Profibus, TCP/IP


*application dependent **without F-Theta lens