Laser Marker LC500


LC500 quickly, simply and flexibly integrates into normal, and in particular, narrow and harsh production lines. Various types of data can rapidly be apllied on various kinds of materials and components with a high degree of quality and in a reliable manner: From packaging made from paper, cardboard and collapsible boxes to labels; from containers made of plastic and glass to PET containers; from electronic components and components used in the automobile industry to extruded work pieces such as pieces of rubber, pipes, profiles or door and window seals.




Main fields of application

Packing industry; extrusion; automobile industry; food and beverage industries; High-speed coding applications (serial marking, barcodes, 2D codes); Laser marking applications while the object is stationary or in motion (MOTF – marking on the fly)

Technical specifications

Marking features

Marking fields*
    • Stationary products: max. 84.4 x 87.3 (125 mm optical device) or 135 x 139.6 mm2 (200 mm focus lens), no restriction on the number of lines
    • Moving products: max. height 87.3 (125 mm focus lens) or 139.6 mm (200 mm focus lens), length independent of the width of the marking field, no restriction on the number of lines
    • Up to 2,000 characters/s, up to 15m/s
Marking formats
    • Standard fonts
    • Individual fonts such as high-speed or OCR fonts
    • Machine-readable codes: ID matrix, barcodes
    • Graphics and graphic components, logos, symbols etc.
    • Linear, circular, angular marking for text; rotation, reflection,  expansion, compression of marking data
    • Sequences and series numbering
    • Automatic date, shift and time coding, real-time clock
    • Online coding of individual data (weight, content etc.)



    • Sealed CO2 laser, performance rating 50 W, wavelength 10.6 µm
Laser class
    • 4 (as per DIN EN 60825-1)
    • Precision optics: Focal lengths – 125 mm/200 mm
Laser beam deflection
    • Digital high-speed galvanometer scanners


Integrated control console

    • Graphic remote control via Ethernet for flexible control
    • Implementation of marking jobs, marking data entry
    • System configuration
    • Status and alarm displays, key switches and stop switches
    • Extremely legible graphics display; quick, intuitive operation



Smart Graph
    • Graphics-oriented user interface that runs on Windows® 2000/XP for intuitive and quick creation of complete marking jobs on PCs
    • System configuration
    • Text/data/graphic/parameter editor
    • Languages: German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and many more; can be freely selected
    • Easy access to standard CAD and graphics programs, thanks to import functions for the most important file formats
    • Various password-protected security levels
Smart Graph Com
    • ActiveX software interface for integration into operation system
    • Ethernet, TCP/IP; optional RS232
    • Inputs for encoder and trigger
    • 3 inputs/7 outputs for start/stop, machine/operator interlocks, alarm outputs; can be extended with additional I/Os
    • Client-specific solutions



    • Direct integration into complex production lines with the help of the scripting interface of the laser
    • Integration via Ethernet (TCP and UDP) and RS232 interface
    • Flexible integration options through agile beam-arm



Electrical requirements
    • 100 - 120V or 200 - 240V, 47 - 63Hz, 1PH, 1.8kVA
    • Integrated, closed circuit (water to air)
    • Temperature 5 - 40° C
    • Humidity 10 - 90 %, non-condensing
IP rating
    • IP65
    • ca. 135kg


*application dependent